King of the Cowboys

King of the Cowboys is a 45-minute one-act musical comedy by Jan Powell and Ken Stone. Inspired by two stories of Hans Christian Andersen, it transplants fairytale themes to the setting of the American Old West, in a joyous mixture of love and laughter.


Ages 6 to adult. Though conceived for young audiences, it has always found its biggest fans among adults. Which says something, either about the adults or about the show.


Four men, two women. Possibility of non-speaking costume roles for children, if desired.


The staging can make very effective use of cardboard cutouts, masks, and hand puppets. Minimal technical requirements, but major opportunities for inventiveness.

Song sampler

Out on the Trail/Cows (in performance)
You Know He’s a Cowboy
I’d Rather Smile
The More I Look at You
King of the Cowboys (in performance)
A Breath Away from Night


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